Curricular Implementation


Freshman Programs At

The Ohio State University



The two Ohio State Freshman Engineering programs are fully documented in this portion of the Gateway Ohio State programs. The two programs are the Introduction to Engineering Program (IEP) and the Freshman Engineering Honors program (FEH). IEP is a two courses sequence that is required of all students. FEH is an optional three course sequence that is available to freshman engineering students that have been designated as Honors by the University.


2001 ASEE Annual Conference Papers

It is recommended that the reader start by reading the four papers that were presented at the 2001 ASEE Annual Conference that was held in Albuquerque, NM. The first paper is about the freshman engineering programs in general. The second paper provides details on the hands-on laboratory exercises and design projects. The third paper provides details of the assessment for the programs and the retention results obtained through longitudinal tracking. The fourth paper describes the facilities renovation that was done to create the new learning environments for these two new programs.


Course Content

After reading through the papers, feel free to explore the content of the classes of both programs. Each program contains an interactive syllabus and the editable files to go along with it.


Freshman Engineering Honors

Introduction to Engineering