EG H166 Hands-on Lab

Lab 1: Marble Carrier


The purpose of this lab is to design and build a mechanical machine that delivers up to 10 marbles from a tabletop to a receiving target.

Lab Experience

The target is to be located on the floor. The machine and the marbles must start behind a starting line marked on the table. However, the target may be placed at any distance from the table as is appropriate for the design. Only one start action (lever switch, push, etc.) to begin the delivery of the marbles will be allowed. Also three runs will be allowed. The final score will be based on the best performance of the three runs.

Set-Up Illustration


Rules and Guidelines

        The teams are allowed to use only the parts from the erector set they are provided with.


        A maximum of 10 marbles is allowed per team.


        The apparatus and the marbles must start behind the line marked on the tabletop.


        Only one start action is allowed to start the marble carrier.


        The receiving target may be positioned on the floor before beginning the runs.


        The receiving target may be held in place manually.


        The machine MUST be reusable.


        No practice runs will be allowed on the test desk.


        Any dimension or property of the test area should be measured by the student.


        Participation in RUN #1 requires a completed design.


        Participation in RUN #3 requires participation in RUN #2.


        Modifications (but not redesigns) are allowed between runs.


        The best score from the three runs will be recorded as the final score.


        Any other rules in accordance with the spirit of the contest will be imposed.


        The decision of the instructor is final.





        Design and Construct: 75min.

        RUN #1: 10min.

        RUN #2: 10min.

        RUN #3: 10min.



        Completed device and participation in RUN #1 15 pts.

        Teamwork grade (as judged by instructor) 10 pts.

        Each ball in center target 1 pt. each

        Each ball in outer target 1/2 pt. each

        Best design award bonus 5 pts.




End of Lab Assignment



Lab Report

No lab reports are required as a follow up for this lab experience.