EG H167          1:30 Sec.          Winter 2001          Daily Assignment D3Advanced


For the D3 Advanced assignment:


1.          Complete the regular D3 assignment which introduces the Unix workstation environment and commands as described in Section 5 of the EG 167 Class Notes.


2.          Complete the following:


a) You probably used the print "command" to accomplish the task in Step 6 of the D3 assignment.  What kind of "command" is this really?  (Hint: Use the which command to find where the print "command" is located and then the more command to see exactly what the print "command" is.  And remember, the man command is like a help command for Unix.)


The print "command" is _______________________________.


b).  Would you expect to find this print "command" on all Unix systems everywhere?  How did you figure this out?


Yes or No, because __________________________________




c). Which command is actually used to print your file for the printer in HI 206?