EGH168 Hands-on Lab

Lab 3: IR & Servos




The purpose of this lab is to familiarize you with the procedure for mounting an IR receiver, and the proper code instructions to detect the IR beacon.


Lab Experience

The lab experience will encompass:

1)            Mounting an IR receiver,

2)            Detecting the IR beacon,

3)            Scanning the angle space, and

4)            Returning to the original angle.



Lab Experience



·        mount an IR receiver on a servo .

·        Write a code to detect the IR beacon.

·        Scan from 0 to 180 degrees, and

·        Return to angle where IR beacon was located.



Relevant Files


Relevant files for this lab include:

·        Servo.icb    (Can be loaded using
Servo.c        the “servo.lis” file)

·        r22_ir.icb       (Can be loaded using
r22_ir.c           the "r22_ir.lis" file)

The relevant code for adjusting the servo’s precision can be found here.   It is taken from the servo.c file.









·   Lab reports must be done Individual

·   Follow given lab report format.

·   Maximum 4-5 pages (including figures and tables)



General Guidelines

·   Cover page

·   Description of Experimental Apparatus

·   Copy of wiring diagram

·   Copy of code, and

·    Brief report on how overshoot and deg_step were handled.