Engineering 181 Autumn Quarter 2000

Long Term Project: Bicycle Labs

Assignment #3:  Outline of Oral Presentation, Adjustment of Cost Calculations,

 Technical Specifications



Adjustments to Cost Calculations

·         Refine your cost calculations.

·         Figure out ways to cut cost and improve quality.

·         Tailor your bicycle for your chosen market.


Oral Report Outline


Example Outline


I.  Introduction:  (JD) 1 min

A.      Introduce team member

B.      Give Company Name

II.  Ideas and preliminary concepts: (LG & GF) 2 min

A.      Research

B.      Company Strategy

C.      Preliminary Design

D.      Preliminary Costs

III.  Final Product Design (FS) 4 min

A.      Final Technical Design

B.      Final Production Process with Cost Adjustments

       C.   Logic Behind Design and Production Process

IV.  Summary  (JD) 2 min

V.  Questions and Answers: (JD, GF, FS, LG)




Assignment #3:  (Submit at Bike Lab 4)

·         Show final adjustments to calculations and strategy.

·         Show technical specifications of your product.

·         Complete oral report outline & preliminary set of PowerPoint slides.

·         Submit cover page, final calculations, strategy & outline.

·          3 to 4 sheets