Oral Presentation Details


 When: Lab 10, Wednesday, March 7th

 Dress:  Business casual

 Time Allowed:  9 minutes for presentation, with 1 minute for questions and answers


Content of Presentation:

·        This should be a concise oral presentation of the most important points made in your written report with a concentration on your summary and conclusions

·        Make sure to discuss the results of your final competition and why you chose your final design.

·        For more information on point distribution, please refer to the Team Evaluation sheet, located at the end of your course packet.

·        More time should be spent on those areas where points are most concentrated.

·        Use PowerPoint for your presentation

·        Check your disks prior to the day of   your presentation and bring a back up!!

·        Review slides on “Technical Oral Presentations” from 181 course material (Bike Lab 4)