Confidential Team Evaluation


At the end of this quarter, you and your team members will evaluate the contribution each person has made to the team effort.   Results of the evaluation are treated confidentially and will be taken into account when calculating team members’ grades.  Below is a copy of the evaluation.  Please complete the form, fold it, and return it to your TA as directed.  You will receive an individual report on your own performance as a team member so that you can make an effort to improve before the end of the quarter.


Fill in the names of each team member, including yourself, in the box above the columns.  If a team member has performed adequately, give him or her 10 points in that category (for a total of 70 points per person).  If not, reduce the number of points.   These “extra” points may be awarded to other teammates who did more than their share.  Total points assigned should equal 210 for a 3-person team, or 280 for a 4-person team.


                    Team Member Names (First & Last)

   Member 1       Member 2       Member 3        Member 4  

(Your Name)




Attends meetings;

is on time.                                 ________        ________        ________        ________


Agrees to do a fair share

of the assignments.                    ________        ________        ________        ________


Completes assignments

on time.                                    ________        ________        ________        ________


Attends class and lab;

was on time.                             ________        ________        ________        ________


Actively participates in

team discussions.                      ________        ________        ________        ________


Listens to other team

members’ contributions.            ________        ________        ________        ________


Shows respect for other

team members.             ________        ________        ________        ________


TOTALS                                 ________        ________        ________        ________

·        This is an individual and anonymous evaluation.  Do not discuss it with your team members or other classmates.

·        Be sure the TA checks your name and the roster when you turn in this form.