Project Notebook

Description & Requirements


            Each team will keep a notebook documenting their progress in the building of their conveyor.  A three-ring binder is recommended.  The purpose of the notebook is to document your work and have a record of ideas and decisions made throughout the quarter, in order to create your final written report and oral presentation.  Materials should include, but not be limited to, the project description, project schedule, the team working agreement, lab reports, handout materials, meeting notes, sketches, and all assignments directly related to the final written report and presentation (see below for list of required elements).    Your TA will check this notebook each week in lab as it counts as part of your grade.  The notebook will be turned in the last day of class, along with your final written report. 


Required Elements


1.      Table of Contents: Your notebook can be arranged as you see fit.  However, the table of contents should reflect some organizational structure.  In the past, notebooks have been organized by type of document (e.g. sketches, meeting notes, lab reports, etc…) and also chronologically.

2.      Project Description (this entire packet of materials about the project)

3.      Team Working Agreement

4.      Project Schedule: Your project schedule should be a working document.  There is an electronic example on WebCT under “Course Materials.”  Each week your schedule should be updated to reflect changes, additions, and modifications.

5.      Lab Reports: Simply include lab reports after they have been graded

6.      Meeting Notes/Brainstorming Record:  Your meeting notes should accurately reflect the topics discussed and decisions reached (or not reached) in your team meetings.  Sketches (if any) should accompany these notes.

7.      Sketches: The only sketches required here are those not already contained in team meeting notes or lab reports.  You should include any free hand or draft CAD drawings outside of the meeting notes or reports, including scrap drawings or ideas not used.  Do not include the drawing assignments from class.

8.      Cost Analysis Worksheet & Product Cost List:  You will be required to keep a running total of the cost of your product including the cost of the original materials, any additional materials, and any supplemental materials in order to produce a final cost for your project.

9.      Supplemental Equipment Proposals: Any copies of any request(s) for supplemental materials.

10.  Class Hand Outs: There is a possibility that you will be given updated project descriptions or grading guidelines throughout the quarter.  

11.  All materials relevant to the final written report: drafts of the written report, report outline, etc… (Check syllabus)

12.  All materials relevant to the oral presentation (check syllabus)