Engineering 182: Spring 2001 Section 2A: Staab/Gao - Journal Entry #1

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Journal Entry #1

The Team Building Workshop:
Please answer the following questions in as much detail as possible regarding the Team Building Workshop you had on the first day of class.

1. Please rate the effectiveness of the exercises presented in the workshop (e.g. simply supported beams and desert survival).

     Please comment briefly on your rating of the exercises.

2. Please rate the effectiveness of the presentation on Team Performance.

     Please comment on your rating.

3. Please rank the effectiveness of the Team Building Workshop as a whole in helping you to become a better teammate.

     Please comment briefly on the rating you assigned the workshop.

4. Please comment on the process your team has used to work on your Team Agreement, e.g., face-to-face meeting, online meeting, email, etc., and on how well it's been going.

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