Project of developing the course and the self-standing multimedia was directed by Raj Mutharasan in collaboration with faculty colleagues, Wayne Magee (Bioscience & Biotechnology, Drexel), Margaret A. Wheatley (Chemical Engineering, Drexel), Young Lee (Chemical Engineering, Drexel) and non- Drexel colleagues Ken Foster, David Graves (both of University of Pennsylvania) and Dan Raichel (Cooper Union). The project was funded by NSF supported Gateway Coalition (EEC-9109794 and EEC-9727413).

Evaluation measures through journals, end-of-the course interviews and course evaluations show that the students found the topic interesting and challenging. A very large fraction of the students said that it broadened their technical horizon. In the same breadth, they also said that the biology part was difficult. We discovered through further interviews that the difficulty stemmed from their method of learning were through worked-out-examples rather than reading the subject matter. This pointed to the well-known axiom that; learning by doing is a very common approach used by a large fraction of the engineering students.