3.9. Application of Pharmacokinetic Models

The one compartment model is a good basis for many common drugs. Example include, nortriptyline, pentobarbital, phenytoin, salicylic acid, theophylline, and warfarin. This model fails for some common drugs such as ampicillin, diazepam, lidocane, propranolol and cephalexin.

The two and multi-compartment model has been shown to hold well for amphetamine, chlordiazeperoxide, digoxin, digitoxin, epinephrine, ethchlorvynol, gentamicin, lidocaine, methicillin, ouabain, oxacillin, pentaerythritol, sulfamethazine, sulfisoxazole, theophylline & warfarin.

The physiological model has been used to model anti cancer drugs such as methotrexate and actinomycin D.