The purpose of this module is to introduce the transport phenomena topic, diffusion and transient diffusion, from the example of manufacture of integrated circuits. The primary instructional objective is the transport phenomena topic. The manufacturing processes provide a means to capture the interest and attention of the student. The manufacturing process is not intended to be comprehensive, but it is presented in sufficient detail so that the main ideas of manufacturing are discussed.

This instructional module was used in a 3 hour course slot in CHE 319 Mass Transfer, a required course for all chemical engineering students taught at Junior level at Drexel in Fall, 1995. The review by students indicate that they found the manufacturing example very interesting. In Fall of 1996, the multimedia will be used in a course on fundamentals of transport phenomena taught to Civil and Materials Engineers at Drexel. Evaluation of this manufacturing segment showed very strong student response.

The author highly recommends a 20 minute video summary of semiconductor processing prepared by Sematech, Corp. It is available free of cost from Sematech.

The multimedia presentation of this topic provides an easy means of learning the background manufacturing material and the topic of diffusion. It is organized into the segments shown on the chart given on the next page. A multimedia CD is available which covers the topics of this teaching module.

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Raj Mutharasan

September 1, 1997