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  1. "Questions of Scientific Responsibility" by Serge Lang.
    Published in Ethics and Behaviour, Vol3, No.1, pp. 3-72, 1993.

  2. Profile of Thereza Imanishi-Kari.

  3. Letter from David Baltimore to Herman Eisen. September 9, 1986.

  4. Letter from David Baltimore to "Dear Colleague." May 19. 1988.

  5. Margot O'Toole: Chronology of Events. April 9, 1988.

  6. Margot O'Toole: Testimony to the Dingell Committee - April 12, 1988.

  7. Margot O'Toole: Testimony to the Dingell Committee - May 9, 1989.

  8. Margot O'Toole: Testimony to the Dingell Committee - December 1, 1994.

  9. Walter W. Stewart's and Ned Feder's testimony to the Dingell committee on 12 April 1988.

  10. John Edsall: "On Margot O'toole and the Baltimore Case"
    Published in Ethics and Behavior, Vol 4, No. 3, pp. 239-247.

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Daniel J. Kevles : A Trial of Politics, Science, and Character
W.W. Norton


  1. Prepare a list of the main individuals and institutions that had a role in the "Baltimore Affair". Indicate the period of time they had been most active and the 2 - 3 most important actions they have taken which affected the course of the affair.

  2. Select ONE of the following individuals/pair of individuals and examine his/her against the relevant codes of ethics and tests in moral problem solving
    bulletDavid Baltimore
    bulletThereza Imanishi-Kari
    bulletMargot O'Toole
    bulletNed Feder and Walter Stewart
    bulletCongressman Dingell
    bulletDaniel J. Kevles and Serge Lang.

  3. Assess the role of the Press, Congress, and NIH in exposing and adjudicating the affair.