Author: By Richard Saltus, Globe Staff

Date: 09/28/1990 Page: 32

Federal investigators in the research misconduct case of a former Massachusetts Institute of Technology biologist have uncovered new evidence of deliberate fabrication of data, according to a report in this week's issue of the British journal Nature.

Quoting unnamed sources, the journal reported that the National Institutes of Health requested Secret Service investigators to examine computer tapes containing data in experiments conducted by Thereza Imanishi-Kari, now at Tufts University. The NIH's Office of Scientific Integrity has been carrying out an investigation of a 1987 research paper co-authored by Imanishi-Kari and David Baltimore, then director of the Whitehead Institute in Cambridge and now president of Rockefeller University in New York.

While the NIH investigation is still incomplete, Nature reported that forensic analysis showed that a number of the computer data tapes for the experiment were not created on the dates given, and some were made before the experiments described in lab notebooks were carried out.

Bruce Singal, a Boston attorney for Imanishi-Kari, said the Nature account is "highly inaccurate" and conflicts with what he, Singal, was told when he called the Office of Scientific Integrity. "I was assured by OSI that they were continuing the investigation, that they had reached no conclusions regarding my client, and they would not do so until after having an opportunity to interview her," Singal said.

The NIH report is not expected to appear for a number of weeks, said an NIH spokesman.

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