Fifty Nine Story - Significant Figures, Organizations, and Entities


William J. LeMessurier (WLM) – Structural Engineer for the Citicorp building – Topic of the article – Admitted he made a mistake and worked to fix the structure problem.


Hugh Stubbins, Jr. – Architect of the Citicorp building – Insisted putting the chevrons inside the buildings skin.


Stanley Goldstein – LeMessurier’s partner – An engineer – Informs WLM that the Manhattan office, Office of James Ruderman, had agreed to changing the welds to bolts by Bethlehem Steel.


Project SERENE – Special Engineering Review of Events Nobody Envisioned.


Lawyers for various individuals and organizations, most notable Lawyers of the insurance company Northbrook that had a policy of WLM and Hugh Stubbins.


Alan Davenport – Canadian engineer who WLM turns to in order to access how dangerous the bolted joints were – director of the Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory at the University of Western Ontario.  In principle Davenport's students also played a role since some of them were aware of the results of Davenport's wind tunnel experiments.


Carl Sapers – Stubbins's lawyer – Advises WLM to talk to his liability insurers Northbrook Insurance Company before talking to Citicorp.


Leslie Robertson – Engineer who had been a structural consultant for the World Trade Center – consulted by Northbrook’s lawyers – heavy background in disaster management – central  in setting up repairs and monitoring progress.


Walter B. Wriston – Chairman of Citicorp.


William I. Spencer – Citicorp president.


John S. Reed – Citicorp executive vice-president – First figure from Citicorp who found out about the danger.


Henry Deford III – Citicorp vice-president who managed the repairs – “Point man” for disaster planning.


Robert Dexter – The other Citicorp vice-president who managed the repairs.


Karl Koch Erecting – Welded the joints during repairs.


MTS Systems Corporation – firm that manufactured the tuned mass damper.


Charles Brown – President and CEO of AT&T (contacted to put in phone lines).


Arthur Nusbaum – Veteran project manager of HRH Construction which made the steel plates – helped oversee repairs.


Mike Reilly – American Red Cross’s director of disaster services for NYC who helped plan for a disaster.


Neil Moreton – Steel inspector who could certify welders if a deficiency of welders occurred.


Other protagonists include: the Press, officials of the City of New York and the Red Cross, occupants and visitors to the building, shareholders of Citicorp (who ended up paying for the renovations), the mysterious "student" and his "professor" whose questions allegedly started the affair, WLM's wife, Dorothy, and the organizations responsible for setting up the building code and the standards for steel in construction.


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