Major Barbara Quiz

1. At the beginning of the play “Major Barbara” Lady Britmore announces that…

a. She and Stephen need to talk about the future of the family with Andrew Undershaft.

b. She and Andrew Undershaft are getting a divorce.

c. Andrew Undershaft is dying of tuberculosis.

d. Barbara has just left the house to join the Salvation Army.


2. In the tradition of the Undershaft family, Andrew Undershaft...

 a. Has disinherited his biological son Stephen in search of a person outside the family to be his heir.

b. Has disinherited Barbara as soon as she joined the Salvation Army.

c. Demands that Stephen join the French Legion before he inherits the Undershaft wealth.

d. Retires from the family business at the age of 50.


3. Undershaft makes a mistake in identifying one of his family members. He...

a. Assumes that Charles Lomax and then Adolphus Cusins is his son.

b. Assumes that Jennifer Hardy and then Katherine Douglas-Hume is Lady Britmore.

c. Confuses Major Barbara with Jenny Hill.

d. Confuses Major Barbara with Anita Hill.


4. The reason Bill Walker comes to the West Ham shelter is...

a. To reclaim a girlfriend who converted.

b. To seduce the mistress of the shelter.

c. To have a drink with Snobby Price.

d. To receive payment of an old debt from Rummy Mitchens.


5. Charles Lomax is engaged to…

a. Sara Undershaft, Barbara’s younger sister.

b. Barbara Undershaft.

c. Rachel Undershaft, Barbara’s younger sister.

d. Roxanne Undershaft, Barbara’s younger sister.


6. Undershaft tells Cusins that that "two things are necessary to salvation", namely…

a. Money and Gunpowder.

b. Prayer and Charity.

c. Food for the soul and food for the stomach.

d. Power and Glory.


6. Bill scoffed "Wot prawce selvytion nah?" because...

a. Ms. Baines accepted a donation from Undershaft gladly.

b. Barbara discovered that the Salvation Army sold indulgences.

c. Ms. Baines announces that the shelter is going to close due to lack of donations.

d. Andrew Undershaft refuses Barbara’s request to make a donation to the Salvation Army.


7. Perivale St. Andrews...

a. Is a well-organized town where Undershaft's workers enjoy high standard of living.

b. An ugly slum where Undershaft’s workers suffer from poverty and diseases.

c. A town near Undershaft’s foundry whose serenity was forever destroyed by Undershaft’s noisy business.

 d. A town near Undershaft’s foundry which Undershaft tries to evacuate in order to expand the factory.


 8. Undershaft accepts Cusins, but insists that Cusins commit himself to the true faith of the Armorer, which is...

a. To give arms to all men who offer him an honest price, nationality, faith, and cause notwithstanding.

b. To give arms only to one's country and support her struggles, domestic and foreign, without question or doubt.

c. To give arms only to support moral causes, and refrain from selling to opportunists, war mongers, and mercenaries.

d. To give arms only to European nations so that they can expand Western culture and Christianity among the pagans. 


9. Undershaft claims that he has saved his family from the worst of crimes, namely...

a. The crime of poverty.

b. The crime of thievery.

c. Joining the wrong Church.

d. The crime of gluttony.


10. Cusins accepts Undershaft’s proposal...

a. After refusing initially and declaring that Undershaft is guilty of "morality mongering".

b. Only after Major Barbara promises to leave the Salvation Army.

c. Immediately and with no hesitation, thereby stunning Lomax and lady Britmore.

d. Only after being promised 1200 pound sterling in silver in advance.