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  1. For now, Pa. forests saved from drilling
  2. N.J. revamps student testing system
  3. Ursinus firing ignites outrage from students
  4. Feds May Allow Mining Law Change
  5. A Victory for Academic Freedom in Texas
  6. Speech not worth fighting for
  7. [Goodwin] will speak amidst a controversy over plagiarism
  8. Don't leave home for a concert without it
  9. Tenants say the cell equipment creates trouble with phone service
  10. Signs of discontent: Detour posts ditched
  11. District moves to fire teacher on suspension
  12. Freeholders shun union-only bidding proposal
  13. Requiem for the academic college president
  14. U.Cal is one step closer to eliminating SATs
  15. First African tourist in space
  16. Bankruptcy bill - Too many holes?
  17. White House Rejected a Stricter Alternative to Clear Skies Plan
  18. A Tyranny of Digital Controls Invades the Comfort of Home
  20. Scientist Reveals Genome Secret: It's Him