Oral Presentations

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  1. Encourage use of entire course material in critical analysis of specific ethical questions.
  2. Provide a link between the theory taught in class and contemporary ethical questions.
  3. Develop oral communication skills.


  1. Term 1 - an assignment of a topic and ethical dilemma to the students.
  2. Term 2 - engaging the students in selecting contemporary debate topics and defining the ethical questions.

  3. Students prepare in class debates for a 10-minute presentation in class.

  4. A lecture is devoted to presenting the assignment to students and providing tips for debate preparation.
  5. Two lectures are devoted to presenting the debates in front of a teacher-student audience.
  6. Debaters take audience questions as part of the assignment.



  1. One lecture per term for presenting the assignment (2 hours per term).
  2. Two lectures per term for oral in-class presentations (4 hours per term).