H 193
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H 192
H 193
  LAB 1- Sensors
  Introduction to Sensors - Part 1
  Voice Over Presentation :Introduction to Sensors
  Introduction to Sensors -Lab1
  ENG H193 Hands-on Lab 1 Writeup: Sensors
  LAB 2- Motor Performance
  Motor Dynamics
  Voice Over Presentation:Motor Dynamics
  lab 1 ENG H193 Hands-on Lab Lab 2: Motor Performance
  LAB 3- IR & Servos
  IR & Servos
  Voice over Presentation:IR & Servos
  lab 1 ENG H193 Hands-on Lab Writeip: IR & Servos
  lab 1 Lab Demonstration Program for Servo Motor and IR Receiver
  lab 1 Lab Quiz  
  lab 1 Lab Quiz answer key