The Project Team

Raj Mutharasan, Director of this project, and author of the bioreactors section, is the Frank A. Fletcher Professor of Chemical Engineering in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Drexel University, and received BS. from IIT (Madras), India and PhD. degree from Drexel University. After a Post-Doctoral year at University of Toronto, Canada, he joined the faculty at Drexel in 1974. Dr. Mutharasan is an active member of AIChE, AIME and ACS. He served on the Editorial Board of Metallurgical Transactions (1984-88) and was the Programming Chair of Food, Pharmaceutical and Bioengineering Division of AIChE (1986-89). His research interests include biochemical engineering, molten metal process systems analysis, process measurement and control systems. He has published extensively in these areas.

Wayne Magee, W. R. Nes Professor of Bioscience, is the author of the molecular biology section. He received his BS from the Kalamazoo College and PhD from the University of Wisconsin (Madison). He was a Research Scientist, Project Officer and a Senior Scientist at Upjohn Company (1955 - 1971), Professor of Life Sciences at Indiana State (1971 -74), Professor of Biochemistry and Biology at University of Texas, San Antonio (1975-1980), Department Head at University of Idaho (1981-85) and subsequently at Drexel University (1985-93). Dr. Magee is a member of ACS, AIBS, ASBC, NYAS, and SIM. His research interests include liposomes and hybridoma technology. He has extensive publications in these areas and is an active consultant to industry and government.

Maggie Wheatley, Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering & Science Institute, is the author of the drug delivery section. She received her BA. and MA from Oxford University (UK) and PhD from University of Toronto, Canada. She was a Post Doctoral Fellow at MIT (1983-85), a Senior Investigator at Smith Kline and French Laboratories (1985-88) before joining Drexel as Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering in 1988. Her research interests include controlled release of macromolecular bioactive compounds, release technology in response to external stimuli, development of novel ultrasound contrast agents and engineering synthetic nodules for in vitro nitrogen fixation. She has published extensively and holds several patents in the area of drug delivery.

Young Lee, Professor of Chemical Engineering, is the author of the biosensors section. He received his BS from Seoul National University and PhD degree from Purdue University, both in Chemical Engineering. He joined Drexel University in 1978 as an Assistant Professor and was promoted to the rank of Professor in 1988. His research areas are biosensors, bioreactor instrumentation, and control, bioenergetics and microbial stoichiometry, biological waste treatment and semiconductor materials processing. He has extensive publications in these areas. He is a member of ACS, AIChE and The Materials Society.

Multimedia programming and graphic assistance were provided by Bhargavi Garpati, Da-Kai Cheng, S. Brahmasandra.   WebBooks programming was done by Kannan Mutharasan and Adam Rhuberg.