This CD-ROM contains multimedia packages that describe the emerging area of Engineering Biotechnology: Molecular Biology, Manufacturing (Bioreactors and Bioseparations), Drug Delivery, Biosensors and FDA Regulations. These topics are integrated through the theme of Insulin, the first recombinant bio-pharmaceutical to reach the public. The multimedia packages are designed to be self-contained teaching modules. The FDA Regulations section is included as a WWW document. The textbooks for these modules reside on this CD in two forms. One set of textbooks (Web Books) is written in HTML and may be read using a web browser. The other is in PDF format, Enggbiot.pdf and may be opened, with Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloadable from


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Comments This CD is our first attempt at this sort of thing. As such, we would greatly appreciate your comments and suggestions. If you are on a network, send comments to Raj Mutharasan

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This project is funded by National Science Foundation (Engineering Education and Centers Division, Award No. EEC 9109794 & EEC 9727413) through the Gateway Coalition.  This CD is a product of the Department of Chemical Engineering, Drexel University. To learn more about Gateway, visit its home at Drexel University

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