Welding Engineering 300




Getting Connected

Due Date: before end of first week 10 Points


This Homework has several parts:

  1. If you have not already obtained an OSU email address and logged-on with your own personally selected password, you need to do that now. Contact University Technology Services on the 5th floor of Baker Systems Engineering Building or call (614) 292-5848. This address and password will be needed to do many of the on-line functions in this course.
  2. Please develop a homepage for yourself. On the WE300 web page under "Classmates" you will find a template. Feel free to use this or be creative and develop your own. Publish your web page. (A useful free source is: http://www.geocities.com/join/ ) Then email Prof. Dickinson (Dickinson.1@osu.edu) with your URL and it will be listed on the "Classmate" page as a way of helping classmates get to know each other better.
  3. Soon you will be receiving an invitation to join a chat forum.  Using the instructions in the email, log on to the OSU-WE300 "chat forum". You will need to do a short free logon, but then you should feel free to use this forum as much as you want to communicate with classmates and me.  For later reference, you will find this at http://www.delphi.com/WE300
  4. Go to the "class assessment" page of the WE 300 home page and fill out the pre-course survey and submit it. This survey is anonymous. I will know who filled out the survey, but not any individual responses. (Note: you will need your email name and password from step "a" above to enter this page).
  5. Finally, email Prof. Dickinson a request to obtain your confidential student number. This is a randomly generated number which will allow you to know which student you are as you assess the web page for your current grades.