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Some Demonstrations Will Require the use of An Authorware Driver which can be Downloaded for Free by Clicking Here.  Internet Explorer seems to work best as the browser:
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After you click on this button, please go to the bottom of the first column and click on "Need a Different Player".  This will take you to a table.  This table is a matrix of a) web players and b) operating systems.  Click "Go" in the box for "Authorware Web Player" and the correct operating system for your computer (i.e. window 95 or windows NT etc.)  You will then have to save this to your computer desktop or temp file.  Close the Shockwave web page and click on the install icon on your desktop (or temp file) for final installation.

Please click on the following for demonstrations:

Arc Weld Processes
Time-Temperature curve during Casting Solidification

Phase Diagram Tie Line
Pearlite Growth

Heat Treatment of 1040 Steel (CCT)

Dislocation - Atom Interactions During Deformation
Welding Symbol
Residual Stress
Welding Procedure Specification
Non-Destructive Evaluation
Practice Quiz

Most of these demonstrations were created using Authorware. The Authorware demonstrations are accessible only from the live course. The remaining active links go to HTML based demonstrations on the Gateway server.