Welding Engineering 300


Special Class Project

We 300


In order to get a better feel for welding process applications, please search the recent patent literature for a Non Arc Welding Process (example, resistance welding, friction welding, inertia welding, diffusion welding (aka ”bonding”), ultrasonic welding, laser welding, electron beam welding, etc.).  Select one example of such a process in action being used to make something, and describe what is being done.  Limit your discussion to 2 pages maximum.  The deliverable for this project will be your 2 page (max) discussion with a copy of the patent attached.


Some helpful hints


·        You can search the patent literature on-line by going to this URL:  http://www.uspto.gov/

·        If you limit the time frame of your search from 1996 to present, you can get free copies of the patent in the Science & Engineering Library (there is just 1 computer for patent printing located by the mirofilm readers on the first floor of the library, so plan ahead).  You will need the patent number for this computer to find the correct patent.