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Introduction to Welding Engineering



Instructor: David Dickinson
E-mail: Dickinson.1@osu.edu
Office: EJTC 112
Phone: (614) 292-0801
Mail: 1248 Arthur E. Adams Drive
Columbus, OH  43221

Welcome to Introduction to Welding Engineering!

This site is a sample course produced from the live course site at The Ohio State University. This sample retains as much functionality as possible while using a minimum of external links. The live site has a number of links to external resources. Links to those external resources have been redirected to local pages that describe the target resource's function.

The navigation bar to the left leads to course resources. A task oriented learning calendar can be accessed through the Syllabus & Study Activities link.

Interested parties can obtain additional information via the home page for the College of Engineering at The Ohio State University.

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