Conference Evaluation

Summary of Narrative Responses


Session Comments


·        The show & tell session was excellent.  I wish more students were present.


·        The Faculty & Teaching Development portions of the conference were invaluable.


·        The panelists and speakers were excellent- a wealth of information.


·        Show & Tell Sessions had great ideas.


·        Not enough time spent on assessment & feedback.


·        Excellent organization… good variety and material.


·        The panelists needed to be more aware of the diversity of schools attending the conference.  Small schools, large schools, residential, commuter, 4 year, and 5 year with coop, etc…


·        Panel III (Assessment) and Dr. Bruce Litchfield deserved more time.  Very informative.


·        The ones that I participated in had good substance.  They were thought-provoking, interactive and very productive.


·        As an advisor, I took the things that are useful to me and rated the sessions on personal usefulness, as instructed.  But most of the session should have been more interesting/useful to a faculty member who could actually implement change.


·        Nice notebook!!


·        This was valuable.


·        Lots of good references.  Serves as a touchstone of where we are.


·        (Room 035) Woeful presentation facility.


·        Demonstrations of 4/19 were excellent.  Materials presented were well documented.  The hosts were very professional and helpful.


·        Overall, the conference was very useful and I would be pleased to recommend this to other colleagues.  Some of the ideas will be useful in my teaching responsibilities.  Hope the conference will be held again next year with some emphasis on design and faculty development.  Thank you!




·        I learned many things- thanks very much for all your good work!!


·        It delivered what it proposed to present.


·        Too much emphasis on electrical engineering… other areas were not equally covered.


·        I learned quickly what other schools were doing in their freshman year.  While a lot of it did not apply to my institution particularly, it was still informative.


·        Affirmed what we we’re doing right and what can be enhanced.


·        I really had no expectations but was glad I attended.  I learned a lot- most useful are specific techniques to apply.


·        I learned a lot during the conference.  Getting together with other engineering faculty from other schools was very important to me since we only have one engineering program at Central State.




·        Excellent!


·        Online student evaluation & faculty development.


·        I have obtained so much information from the conference.  Certainly I can use it in my own instructional situation.


·        At my institution, ABET visit is coming up… there have been some relevant issues covered in this conference.


·        Yes.  I can tell my institution what positive things we are going and relay the problems other schools are facing so that the problems can be solved prior to becoming an issue at my school.


·        Try more cooperative learning: bookends.




·        Excellent conference for Ohio.  It might be interesting to hold elsewhere than OSU.  A very large school is not the only model.


·        I support the notion of continued interaction of Ohio Schools.  The future of Ohio education must involve cooperation amongst the schools.


·        Wish more OSU faculty had attended.


·        Try to have a broad fair and equal coverage of all areas of engineering.


·        “Re-inventing the wheel” is wasteful… sharing ideas is more efficient.


·        Actual classroom examples were of more interest than results of scholarly studies.


·        Thanks for doing this!


·        More interactive involvement.


·        All portions of this conference were executed smoothly and efficiently.