Summary of Some Items for Discussion

Panel II-B



         Using the freshman introductory course as a "footstone" engineering experience. That is, introducing "design across the curriculum" as an alternate paradigm for instruction.

         Integrating a "technological" experience into the general education program of the university.

         Implementing deep learning strategies into the engineering curriculum at the earliest exposure of the students.


There are also some other curricular issues I would like to get some help with:


         Identifying some meaningful design projects that are "rich" enough to provide the structure for the introductory course and will still be within the capabilities of first year students.

         Bringing a meaningful discussion of professional ethics into the course in an integrated manner with the design content.

         The use of historical case studies to illustrate the way engineers work and the impact they have had on society.

         The use of historical case studies to illustrate the values of the engineering community and to demonstrate how these values have evolved.


I would also very much like to see how other instructors have structured the freshman design experience. What is being done that is unique and innovative and how successful have these new approaches been in achieving their pedagogical objectives.