Cooperative Learning and the New Paradigm

For Engineering Education


By Dr. Karl Smith

University of Minnesota




A paradigm shift is occurring in engineering education, driven by ABET, changing expectations of employers, the rapidly changing state-of-the-art of pedagogy and technology, and many other forces. Minor modifications to current teaching practices will not solve today's problems nor make the best use of faculty and student time and talent. Teaching and learning success today requires new approaches to instruction, and an important part of the new approach is the switch to student-centered learning via cooperative learning. This brief workshop focuses on incorporating active and cooperative learning in "lecture" classes. The format is hands-on and interactive, and features modeling of small-group exercises, lecture, discussion and video demonstrations. Questions addressed include: What are active and cooperative learning? How do you do it? Why bother (What is the rationale)?



Inquiry in Large Classes

Active/Cooperative Learning

Cooperative Learning