Wright State University

EGR 190 Fundamentals of Engineering I Syllabus

Lecture & Lab Schedule

     Lecture Section 1 Friday    9 to 10:50, Room 144 Russ Engineering
     Lecture Section 2 Monday 9 to 10:50, Room 144 Russ Engineering
     Lab Sections as scheduled

Course Description:

This is the first course of two that serves as an introduction to various aspects of engineering and computer science. It is intended for the beginning engineering and computer science student and those interested but undecided. Students with 45 or more college credit hours are not permitted in this course.

Course Objectives:

There are four goals for this course:

1.      To expose students to engineering and computer science principles through hands-on experience,

2.      Foster collaboration among students through cooperative team project activities,

3.      Establish a sense of community among first-year students, and

4.      Develop an understanding of how to be successful in studying engineering.

The course consists of one weekly lecture and two weekly labs, a computer based lab and an instrumentation based lab. The student will have the opportunity to learn about basic engineering tools such as data acquisition, test equipment, computer aided drafting, applications software, and gain computer skills in use of applications software, web searching, web page design, and communications. They will also learn about themselves as a person and as a student, and actually design and build things.


This is a pass/fail course. Passing means that you have:
  1.  Attended the lectures,
  2.  Preformed the lab assignments,
  3.  Completed homework
  4.  Actively participated in design projects. 

You are expected to participate actively in lecture, labs and with your classmates on design projects. Active participation is judged through timely attendance and observation by the course professor and teaching assistants. You will be provided corrective feedback if your participation is unacceptable. Failure to be an active participant will result in an "F" for the course. 

You may ask your professor or teaching assistant how you are doing at any time.
Expectations for each lab will be provided at the time of the lab.

Lectures are worth 2.5 points each.
Missed lectures are worth zero points.
Excused lectures are worth 1.5 points.

Labs, Homework & Projects
 Each Lab assignment and design project will be graded on a 0 to 3 scale system.
  1. Failure to do work will receive a zero.
  2. An absence will receive a zero.
  3. An excused absence will receive a 1.5.
  3. Work below expectations will receive a 1.
  4. Work that meets expectations will receive a 2.
  5. Work beyond expectations will receive a 3.
  6. Late work will be accepted, but the earned grade will be reduced one point.
  7. An average of 2 is required to pass each section:
        a. lecture,
        b. instrumentation lab,
        c. computer lab,
        d. home work,
        e. bridge design 
        f.  final design project.
  8. Doing homework is not an option.
      Failure to do assignments will result in an incomplete grade for the course.

Incomplete grades revert to "F" if not completed within the time limit.
        The time limit will not exceed two weeks into the next quarter.


  1. To get the most benefit from this course 100% attendance is desirable.
  2. You will not pass this course if you have more than 2 unexcused absences in lecture.
  3. You may have 2 excused absences but the total for excused and unexcused may not
exceed 3 for lecture.
  4. An excused absence, as determined by the course professor, may be for documented
cause or medical necessity.

Lab Make Up:

If there is space available, you may make up a lab during another scheduled lab period.

Text and Resources:

     1. "Studying Engineering A Road Map to a Rewarding Career" by Raymond B. Landis,
          Discovery Press, ISBN 0-9646969-5-9

     2. Lecture notes & Lab assignments on the EGR190 web site:

Course Instructor:
     Blair A. Rowley, Ph.D., P.E., Office 247 Russ, 775-5073, egr190@cs.wright.edu

Teaching Assistants:
     Office 251 Russ, no phone
          Kim Fischer, kfischer@cs.wright.edu
          Sripriya Gopalakrishnan, sgopalak@cs.wright.edu
          Leigh Mahoney, mahoney.9@wright.edu
          Shankar Murugan, murugan.2@wright.edu

Drop dates:
     January   19    Last day to drop a class without a record of "W"
     February   2    Last day for all but freshman to drop a class without a record of "W"
     February 23    Last day for freshmen to drop a class with a record of "W"

Course Outline:
     Week   1     Bridge Building Competition 2:00 - 5:00 PM, Sat, Jan 6, 2001, Multipurpose
Room Student Union
     Week   2     Instrumentation, E-mail & the Web
     Week   3     Circuits & How Things Work
     Week   4     Time Varying Signals & LabView
     Week   5     Timers and Flip Flops & LabView
     Week   6     LabView, Engineering Math I, MatLab, & Final Project Assigned
     Week   7     Engineering Art 2D & Engineering Math II
     Week   8     Engineering 3D Art- Solids & Web Design I
     Week   9     Engineering 3D Art-Assemblies and Drawings  & Web Design II 
     Week 10     Engineering Ethics, Other Topics,
     Week 11     Presentation of Final Projects