Wright State University EGR 190 Final Project

You have two options for the final project. Each requires a team of four.

Option 1

    Design something mobile with at least six individual flashing light events and playing a tune. An individual event means that there are at least six lights going off and on in sequence. Mobile means that it moves around, i.e. a car, bunny hopping. etc. The lights can be LED’s.

Option 2

    Design an environmental control unit for an individual with severe disabilities who can only use a single switch. This uses the circuits you built in the timer lab. The unit should provide selection for and operate at least two battery-operated things such as a radio or toy. Dr. Rowley will help you design the part that actually interfaces with the “thing”. It is easy to do.


You are to provide the names of your team members and which option you are going to do by Monday, February 12, 2001.