Wright State University
EGR 191 Fundamentals of Engineering II - Syllabus

Lecture & Lab Schedule

     Lecture Section 1 Monday    1 to 2:50, Room 144 Russ Engineering
     Lecture Section 2 Friday      
1 to 2:50, Room 144 Russ Engineering
     Lab Sections as scheduled

Course Description:

This is the second course of two that serves as an introduction to various aspects of engineering and computer science. It is intended for the beginning engineering and computer science student and those interested but undecided. Students with 45 or more college credit hours are not permitted in this course without permission.

Course Objectives:

There are three goals for this course:
  1. To introduce students to eight engineering & computer science disciplines,
  2. Foster collaboration among students through a cooperative team project,
  3. Establish a sense of community among first-year students.

The course consists of one weekly lecture and one weekly lab either computer based lab or instrumentation based. The student will have the opportunity to learn about the basic engineering disciplines of biomedical, electrical and mechanical engineering, specialty areas of materials and engineering physics and two computer related areas of computer engineering and computer science. Weekly laboratories will provide opportunities for on-hands experience in each area. 


This is a pass/fail course. Passing means that you have:
  1.  Attended the lectures,
  2.  Preformed the lab assignments,
  3.  Completed homework
  4.  Actively participated in the team project. 

You are expected to participate actively in lecture, labs and with your classmates on the team project. Active participation is judged through timely attendance and observation by the course professor and teaching assistants. You will be provided corrective feedback if your participation is unacceptable. Failure to be an active participant will result in an "F" for the course. 

You may ask your professor or teaching assistant how you are doing at any time.
Expectations for each lab will be provided at the time of the lab.

Lectures are worth 2.5 points each.
Missed lectures are worth zero points.
Excused lectures are worth 1.5 points.

Labs & Projects
 Each Lab assignment and the team  project will be graded on a 0 to 3 scale system.
  1. Failure to do work will receive a zero.
  2. An absence will receive a zero.
  3. An excused absence will receive a 1.5.
  3. Work below expectations will receive a 1.
  4. Work that meets expectations will receive a 2.
  5. Work beyond expectations will receive a 3.
  6. Late work will be accepted, but the earned grade will be reduced one point.
  7. An average of 2 is required to pass each section:
        a. lecture,
        b. lab,
        c. team project.


  1. To get the most benefit from this course 100% attendance is desirable.
  2. You will not pass this course if you have more than 2 unexcused absences in lecture or lab.
  3. You may have 2 excused absences but the total for excused and unexcused may not exceed 3.
  4. An excused absence, as determined by the course professor, may be for documented cause or medical necessity.

Lab Make Up:

If there is space available, you may make up a lab during another scheduled lab period.

Text and Resources:
     Lecture notes & Lab assignments on the EGR191 web site:

Class Project: 
     The class project is designed for teams of four. 
     Each team member should budget $50.00 for the project.

Course Instructors:
     Blair A. Rowley, Ph.D., P.E., 247 Russ, 775-5073, browley@cs.wright.edu -coordinator
     David B. Reynolds, Ph.D.      230 Russ 775-5068, dreynolds@cs.wright.edu - biomedical engineering
     Oscar N. Garcia, Ph.D.,        303 Russ 775-5134, ogarcia@cs.wright.edu - computer science
     Prabhaker Mateti, Ph.D.,       449 Russ 775-5114, pmateti@cs.wright.edu - computer engineering
     Fred D. Garber, Ph.D.,          311 Russ 775-5037, fgarber@cs.wright.edu - electrical engineering
     Richard J. Koubek, Ph.D.,     207 Russ 775-5045, rkoubek@cs.wright.edu - industrial engineering
     Richard Bethke, Ph.D.,          209 Russ 775-5040, rbethke@cs.wright.edu - mechanical engineering
     Gary Farlow, Ph.D.,              271 Fawcett 775-3340, gary.farlow@wright.edu - engineering physics

Teaching Assistants:
    Teaching assistants come from each department to assist with their respective labs.

Drop dates:
     April 13    Last day to drop a class without a record of "W"
     April 27    Last day for all but freshman to drop a class with a record of "W"
     May 18    Last day for freshmen to drop a class with a record of "W"

Course Outline:
     Week   1     Lecture section 2 meets - no labs
     Week   2     Biomedical Engineering - Team Project Assigned
     Week   3     Computer Science 
     Week   4     Computer Engineering
     Week   5     Electrical Engineering
     Week   6     Special presentation  - engineering creativity - no labs
     Week   7     Industrial Engineering
     Week   8     Materials Engineering
     Week   9     Mechanical Engineering 
     Week 10     Engineering Physics
     Week 11     Team project presentation