Summary of Desired Topics for Panel II-B

Freshman Engineering Programs (Examples and Content)


1.      What prerequisites are utilized for entry into Freshman Engineering Courses?


2.      Do Freshmen Engineering Students usually take an engineering course each term of the freshmen year?


3.      Should Freshmen Engineering experiences be the same for all engineering majors or should different programs be established for different majors?  Who teaches the courses?


4.      Textbooks used and how about “Build Your Own Texts”.


5.      Discussion of software introduced in the freshmen engineering program, time allotted to each package, and skill level developed.


6.      How much engineering laboratory time does the student experience and what types of activities are accomplished?


7.      In the freshmen engineering experience, what part of the effort is involved with engineering design?


8.      Discuss freshmen engineering design projects and expected level of results.  Could high school seniors complete the projects just as easily as engineering freshmen?


9.      How much time is allotted to discussing engineering as a career and how is this material delivered?


10. How do you maintain student interest in a lecture hall of 200 students in a class like this?


11. How much emphasis is given to aiding the transition for students from high school to college?  Is there a significant effort to foster a belonging environment and helping students to make friends with other engineering students to develop study and support groups?


12. Do students have required out of class activities like plant tours or attendance at non-engineering university activities like attendance at lectures, theater presentations, athletic events etc. 


13. Is there a Distance Learning or Internet component?











Submitted by Dan Suchora, Youngstown State University