Design-Manufacturing Modules


These modules are under development, and they are not finished.  There is a problem with the voice overlay on one of them (Ethics).  However, they contain a considerable amount of information, and as such they are being included on this disk as an aid in developing lectures on the topics indicated.


The modules are used at Ohio State in a senior capstone design class and in an elective class on CAD/CAM.


Some of the modules have voice overlays and some do not.    The ones with voice overlay can be used in the traditional mode by deactivating the voice overlay or by turning down the sound.


You may modify them or use some or all of them in your work.  However, if you do use them in class, we ask that you acknowledge Ohio State. Thank-you.


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PowerPoint Modules


1.      Form Synthesis-1

2.      Form Synthesis-2

3.      Machines

4.      Traditional Machining

5.      Plastics & IJ

6.      Rapid Prototyping

7.      Creativity

8.      Design Process

9.      Ethics

10. Reverse Engineering

11. Safety, Etc.

12. Jigs & Fixtures