The 2000-2001 multi-university design team would like to thank the Gateway Coalition and Invacare, the primary sponsors for the robotic arm project.  Without their support, this project would not be possible.

Special thanks to the faculty advisors, Dr. Gary Kinzel of The Ohio State University, Dr. James Menart of Wright State University, and Beth Johnson and Scott Hawkins at Sinclair Community College.  Their guidance and leadership have made this project a highlight in the college experience of the participating students.

The participants at Ohio State would like to thank Dr. Giorgio Rizzoni for his knowledge and assistance in motor testing, Ted Harper for fabrication of the motor test stand mount, Joe West for motor testing troubleshooting, and Chris Fearon and Fred Griesemer for their continued research support and guidance.  Carl Kollar, of Diverse Electronic Services, was also a great help in choosing electrical hardware and offering advice.  A special thanks also goes out to Gary Gardener and Keith Rogers for their project saving machining in the waning hours of the final presentation. 

The Wright State team would like to thank Greg Wilt for his technical support, Dennis Hance for his solid modeling expertise, and Tim Leger and Sean Mortara for establishing an efficient computer network for which to develop the solid modeling.  Special thanks to Dr. Nathan Klingbeil for his advice in mechanical matters, and Byron Formwalt from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base for his electrical engineering insight.

Last, but not least, we thank Boston Gear (MA) for generously donating the shoulder and elbow gears, Motoman (Dayton, OH) for their plant tour and advice on robotic arm development, and KEA Components for donating an analog mini-joystick.





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Section 1: Project History