Cooper Union Goes Outward Bound ®

For two weeks in the beginning of the 1996-1997 school year, a select group of students and faculty from The Cooper Union participated in a pilot program with Outward Bound®. They were challenged, both mentally and physically, and they were forced to reexamine not only their opinions of themselves, but also how they work individually and with others. Here you can find pictures from and commentary about the experience.

The Introduction

  • Why Outward Bound for engineers?
  • Why did Cooper Union embark on this program? (or, "What Climbing is Really About...")

The Experience
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Trust-Building Initiatives
Trust-Building Initiatives
Advanced Initiatives
Advanced Initiatives
Canoeing in Jamaica Bay
Alpine Tower
The Alpine Tower
Backpacking and Hiking
Raft-Building Initiatives
Final Thoughts
Final Thoughts

More Information

  • Cooper Union/Outward Bound 1997 -- the update to this site
  • This site was originally an article that appeared in Clockworks, the newsletter of the Albert Nerken School of Engineering at The Cooper Union
  • The participants
  • The whole experience and the website were brought to you by...

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