Final Initiatives
On the last day, the four teams divided into two, with one team managing a Tyrolean Traverse across a lake and the other engaged in a simulated rescue scenario.
Tyrolean Traverse
Splash The Traverse required getting ropes and equipment across the lake, then stringing up the traverse between trees, and finally, bringing all the people and gear from one side to the other.
The two teams in this exercise had very different working methods and different team cultures which made for an interesting display of and review of how to work together, how to correct mistakes, how to keep motivated, how to balance work loads, and how to keep the project moving along toward completion.
Moving Across
Hiding The other two teams were given the goal of finding two team members who were "hurt and lost" in the woods. Their only directions came from a third team member who acted the part of an incoherent, scared and slightly disoriented guide to the location.
When the groups formulated an emergency plan and found the "victims," they had to build litters to carry them out, making sure that they were immobilized as much as possible to eliminate further trauma to their "fake injuries."
Teamwork This controversial exercise required working out a plan under stressful conditions, where all the information was not always known or correct. The teams had to divide up to cover as much ground as possible, while still keeping in touch with the others.
When the "victims" were discovered, first aid and emergency measures had to be carefully enacted to determine their medical states and the best way to evacuate them from the scene.
Working Together The scenario put effective teamwork to the test, and the students performed remarkably under extremely taxing circumstances and psychological stress.