The overnight weekend in the Catskills began with a half day of hiking, map and compass reading, and orienteering in the woods without any directions other than "100 feet south at 15 degrees."
Blind Guys
Navigation Each team had to find a way to cover a path marked through the woods on a map, using only their compass. Each stop had directions for the next stop and allowed students time to debrief their experiences.
Questions as to who would lead and who would take responsibility for the group's directions raised issues of leadership, followership, technical competence, intuition, keen judgment, motivational skills, and general team work.
Map and Compass
Planning Trio The day's physical activities were supplemented in the evening with sessions on gender, diversity, and risk-taking.
Notes one student of the Outward Bound and Cooper Union facilitators:
"They were very supportive of the group but, at the same time, they allowed enough space for us to learn from our mistakes."
Feigned Confusion