Alpine Tower
The Alpine Tower is a 55-foot-high simulated rock-climbing structure in Jamaica Bay in Brooklyn, where students have the opportunity to push their own physical limits in a
supportive and non-judgmental situation.
Harnessed in safety gear and belayed by teams of students and faculty below, each student challenges herself or himself to climb the Tower. Dean Baum Belays
Struggle Although getting to the top is not the primary goal, the Cooper Union students undertook challenges that even the seasoned Outward Bound instructors admitted they had not seen in a "very long time."
After climbing the Tower the traditional way, six students chose to climb blindfolded! Cheered on and directed by their teammates below, they all reached the top. Then, if that was not hard enough, four pairs of students climbed the Tower tethered to one another, with one seeing and one blind.
Climbing Blind
Tangled The idea is that we all have handicaps and we all have to adjust to them in ourselves and others and find alternative ways of doing things.
Finally, the Cooper students outdid themselves when three teams of two climbed the three legs together carrying up a "halo" of rope and then rappelling down "parachute" style.
Teamwork Noted one sophomore female engineer: "I'd like to say that I am surprised to see myself giving the Alpine Tower such a high score when it was the thing that gave me the most difficulty..."
"...But the feeling I got from the two groups helping me along, and the feeling of accomplishment I had at the end was the greatest I had in our four days of activities."
Dean Baum
Feet Elsewhere she adds:
"I learned you don't have to be extremely similar to work well together."