Cooper Union/Outward Bound 1999

Initiatives, Low Ropes, and Orienteering

"I met new people, it was great. They were cool people." (sophomore female ChE)

"I learned to be honest with myself and to trust others." (senior female ChE)

"The debriefings really allowed me to share my feelings as well as to understand others." (sophomore female ChE)

"For me, the hardest part of the course was sharing my feelings with a group of people, because it is generally something I don't do."
(junior male EE)

"I didn't know we would share feelings. Although I'm shy with that, I appreciated [it]."
(sophomore female ChE)

"I realized I had a professor standing on my shoulders... very much a switch of roles." (sophomore male ME)

"Most of all, [I gained an] understanding of the teamwork process. My group worked together and did it better each time we tried a new activity."

"The high point of the course was displaying my strength... proving the fact that although I'm not built or look that way, I can be strong, able, and have valuable skills."

"I've learned to plan projects more thoroughly. Allow room for conflicts and unexpected obstacles."
(senior female ChE)

"I realized that my abilities to communicate with others are not as hopeless as I thought."

"Engineers have to work in teams and communicate... teamwork can help out in any group academic challenge."
(sophomore female EE)

"I found that I like the spirit of teamwork and the rush that you get when you start to approach your goal." (sophomore male ME)

"I learned that skill and knowledge are not the only things that yield success. You need so many other intangibles, such as drive, confidence, and spirit."
(sophomore female ChE)


Initiatives, Low Ropes, and Orienteering
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