Cooper Union/Outward Bound 1999

Raft-Building, Solo Sleeps, and Rescue Scenarios

"For me, the high point of the course was the raft building... I took a moment and noticed how well we were all working together towards our goal... I really felt my small group came together and worked as a team." (sophomore male ME and sophomore female EE)

"Getting the raft around the course was so hard but so much fun!" (sophomore female CE)

"I learned that there is a more happy and alive person inside myself that I was trapping in for fear of rejection by others. Now I know, as in many physical fears found here, I can overcome this too and hopefully be much happier for it!" (sophomore female ChE)

"I better understand group dynamics and the roles that people assume. Also, I've learned that if people are appreciated and encouraged, they work harder and better together." (senior female ChE)

"I've learned how to solve problems on the spot with time constraints."

"[The Outward Bound facilitators] helped us work together and were a catalyst for change in our impressions of and on each other." (sophomore male ME)

"Now I feel closer to some people I didn't know so well before."

"[During this course], I may have learned more about emotions than physical strength, and that is definitely a good thing."
(sophomore female ChE)


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