Cooper Union/Outward Bound 1999

High Ropes, Shows, and Farewells

"For me, the high part of the course was the high ropes course. I was terrified to do it, but somehow my determination got myself to do it! And it was so amazing!" (sophomore female ChE)

"I learned to take more risks and challenges." (sophomore female EE)

"I got through it because of determination and the support of others in my group."
(sophomore female CE)

"I will definitely be more willing to try new things and have more confidence in my ability to achieve personal goals."

"My hardest moment was trusting myself to protect someone from hurting themselves."
(sophomore female EE)

"I had a lot of fun... I got so much more out of it than I expected." (sophomore female CE and sophomore male ME)

"Our [faculty] facilitator was awesome! He is so knowledgable." (senior male ChE)

"This creates a great link between the students and the professors that can make Cooper a better place to learn. More should participate..." (sophomore female CE)

"[I gained] more of an acceptance that professors are also people."
(sophomore male ME)

"Support from the team made me feel so good." (sophomore female ChE)

"I plan to keep trying at whatever I want until I've reached my goal. Nothing's impossible." (sophomore female CE)


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