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     The Women in Engineering Program at The Ohio State University was established in 1979 in order to increase the participation of women within the engineering profession.  The program concentrates on recruiting, retaining, and advising women, as well as establishing close relationships with industry.  The Women in Engineering (WIE) program offers many special services designed for both prospective and enrolled women engineering students.


      The Minority Engineering Program (MEP) focused on two parts.  The first was an attempt at a year-long bridge program for students whose math placement test results indicated that their first math course should be one below college algebra.  The second was a study session and counseling program in which minority students taking each level of math (college algebra, pre-calculus, calculus I, etc.) met weekly with other students in the same course and a advisor/tutor to study math together. 



Women in Engineering


·        WIE Webpage: includes information on engineering in general, engineering at Ohio State, activities for engineering students, scholarships available, and other information that would be of particular interest to prospective women students.

·        WIE Paper: An Integrated Program to Recruit and Retain Women Engineering Students: a paper to be presented at June 2002 ASEE conference.

·        Series of printed materials and presentations: used in recruiting women engineering students from Ohio high schools.  Much of this recruiting effort is focused on the 25 high schools in the state that consistently send the largest numbers of engineering students to OSU.  These are schools where students receive the math and science preparation necessary for success in engineering, schools where we believe we can find women who have the skills to be engineering students but who are perhaps unaware of the opportunities that a career in engineering affords them.  These include a semi-annual newsletter to the science and math teachers and the guidance counselors and a series of 3 PowerPoint presentations for students

1.      Young Women in Science and Technology Workshop entitled “Women in Engineering How We Make the World Go Round!  Explore the Endless Possibilities.”

2.      Young Women in Science Seminar entitled “Women in Engineering How We Make the World Go Round!  Explore the Endless Possibilities.”

3.      General presentation developed for high school visits and when large groups of prospective students visit Ohio State (and hands-on activities are not feasible due to size of group or time limits).


Minority Engineering Program (MEP)


·        A paper to be presented at the June 2002 ASEE conference.  The paper includes an update on the Strategies for Academic Success course that was developed as part of a previous year's Gateway program.