Welcome to the first bi-annual WiE K-12 Newsletter.  The Women in Engineering Program at Ohio State was organized to encourage young women to consider engineering as a career choice and to support their efforts as they pursue their engineering education.  As part of this initiative, we would like to keep young women in kindergarten through twelfth grade informed about their options beyond high school.  One way to keep the students informed is to keep their career contacts informed.  This newsletter is full of information you can pass on to your students about what engineering is and the different opportunities in engineering at Ohio State and in the real world.  We have also included in this newsletter information on the different programs offered at Ohio State for kindergarten through twelfth grade students.  These programs are great opportunities for the students to learn more about engineering and/or Ohio State and to meet other students with the same interests.  We hope the information in this newsletter will be helpful for you and your students.  If after reading this newsletter you find some of the information very helpful or can think of other information you would like to hear about, please contact us and give us your suggestions! 


What can the WiE Program do for you?


Two programs that the WiE program offers to high school students are the Weekend for Women and Day on Campus.  During the Weekend for Women, female juniors and seniors in high school and their parents come to OSU to meet faculty and students, experience the dorms, and attend the College of Engineering Open House.  The Day on Campus program is available for any female high school student interested in engineering at Ohio State.  We schedule a day for the student at Ohio State to meet students, visit the dorms, go to class, meet professors - anything the student is interested in.  In addition to these programs, we also offer activities for students that have been accepted and are planning on attending Ohio State. 


A program that we really enjoy and are planning to do a lot more of are School Visits.  So far this year we have visited or plan to visit a total of 8 high schools, 1 elementary school, and have had 3 groups of high school students visit OSU.  We have several different formats for our visits - we want to talk about what the students are interested in.  Some of the different types of formats we have done are:


§          Dublin Scioto High School: A few OSU engineering students and engineers from Robert Fuller & Associates had a pizza lunch (sponsored by Robert Fuller & Associates) with a group of women high school students interested in engineering.

§          Hilliard 6th Grade: The Society of Women Engineers students visited and helped the students with multiple science workshops.  For example, one of the workshops was “Can You Build It?” in which the students were given index cards and staples and had to design a structure that could hold weight.  One of the structures held 23 textbooks!!!

§          Thomas Worthington High School: Several OSU engineering students visited classes and answered questions about OSU and engineering.

§          Logan Elm High School Physics Class: Visited OSU and attended multiple engineering tours.


If you are interested in having us set up a visit for your students, please contact Lisa Abrams at 614-688-4137 or abrams.34@osu.edu.




OSU Engineering


What is Engineering??


Engineering is defined as the application of science in the design, planning, construction, and maintenance of buildings, machines, and other manufactured things.  We like to define it as a field that allows you to design cool things, make things work better, help people, help the environment, and make the world a better place. 



Programs at Ohio State


The programs offered at Ohio State for the bachelor’s degree level are:


Aerospace Engineering and Aviation

Ceramic Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Civil & Environmental Engineering

Computer Science and Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Engineering Physics

Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering

Geomatics Engineering

Industrial And Systems Engineering

Materials Science and Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Metallurgical Engineering

Welding Engineering



Cool Jobs


There are many aspects of engineering that many people do not know exist.  Here are a few of the cool applications of engineering:


Aeronautical Engineering: Airplane and shuttle design

Aviation: Airport traffic control

Chemical Engineering: Study of human stem and cancer cells

Computer Engineering: Artificial intelligence

Electrical Engineering: Satellites

Food, Ag., & Bio. Engineering: Design of animal habitats

Industrial Engineering: Ergonomics

Materials Science: Failure analysis for plane crashes

Mechanical Engineering: Design of a heart pump

New at Ohio State!!


As of Autumn 2001, Ohio State will be offering a Biomedical Engineering minor!  The Biomedical Engineering major will follow within a year or two.  For those not familiar with Biomedical Engineering, it is a field that uses engineering to solve life science problems.  Biomedical engineers work on projects ranging from the design of implants and artificial organs, advancing medical imaging techniques (MRI, Ultrasound, etc.), to designing new drug delivery systems to treat simple illnesses and even cancer. 



OSU’s Co-op/Internship Program


A Co-op and Internship is a very important part of an engineering student’s curriculum.  Ohio State has a very successful program that has found co-ops or interns for 70% of the students graduating.  Here are a few important facts about our program:

§          Ohio State’s College of Engineering attracts world-renowned engineering employers.

§          Employers are drawn to our voluntary co-op program because they know this career opportunity attracts ambitious students.

§          The students have 24-hour-a-day access to our cutting-edge web-based system, where they can view job opportunities and sign up for interviews.

§          We provide the co-op and internship opportunities – the students choose when and where they want to work.

§          Average salary for co-ops/interns is $11 to $15.

For more information on our co-op/internship program, go to http://career.eng.ohio-state.edu/.





Everyone loves to talk salaries!  It is very well known that engineering and computer degrees are some of the highest paying jobs available.  The average salary offers reported since 9/1/00 for OSU engineering graduates with a bachelor’s degree was approximately $46,000.  Some of the field even had average salaries up to $53,000, such as Chemical Engineering, Computer & Information Science, Computer Science & Engineering, and Electrical & Computer Engineering.  For a complete list of the average

salaries, go to http://career.eng.ohio-state.edu/.


Student Opportunities





Ohio State Engineering offers many programs for students interested in Engineering and Ohio State.  Here are some of the programs taking place this Summer!! 


Summer Workshop


The Summer Workshop is a one-week program, July 23-27, sponsored by the Women in Engineering program, General Motors, and Alcoa.  Women accepted to Ohio State with a major in Engineering are eligible to spend the week at Ohio State learning all about engineering and Ohio State.  This workshop gives the women an opportunity to meet other women who will be studying engineering at Ohio State in the autumn, meet engineering faculty, learn about the different engineering programs, work in groups on engineering experiments, get to know the OSU campus, and have fun!!  For more information on this workshop, contact Lisa Abrams at 614-688-4137 or abrams.34@osu.edu.




The Pre-freshman and Cooperative Education Program (PREFACE) is a summer bridge program designed to provide pre-freshman minority students with an orientation to the freshman engineering curriculum at The Ohio State University and to expose them to the actual practice of engineering.  The program is divided into two major components.  The first is a six-week academic component in which participants attend classes while living on campus.  The second is a six-week work component in which participants work with professional engineers on challenging technical assignments.  For more information on this program contact the Minority Engineering Program at 614-292-6491.


College Bound Summer Institute


The College Bound Summer Institute is a summer program for all pre-college students, six years and older.  It is located at The Ohio State University, and the students are offered a well-rounded, individualized schedule of academic and recreational activities.  University faculty and other qualified educators provide dynamic learning activities.  The students learn first-hand the importance of a college education and are taken on tours to visit several departments, laboratories, learning/cultural centers, and athletic facilities on the OSU Campus.  This year’s program offers a ten-week program (June 11 – August 17; Cost $1,000), an eight-week program (June 11 – August 3; Cost $800) and weekly programs (June 11 – August 17; Cost $125 each).  To request an application and learn more about the program, go to www.csw.ohio-state.edu/collegeb.    


Summer Institute For the Gifted and Talented


The Engineering Summer Institute is a week long, non-resident program primarily targeting gifted high school students who are completing their sophomore year in high school and are interested in engineering.  The students get the opportunity to learn about engineering communications through sketching and computer-aided drawing.  They get to participate in hands-on laboratory experiments including one on gears, AC electricity, DC electric motors, and model rocket engines and airfoils.  In order to learn about all of the different areas of engineering, the students get tours of some of the engineering departments with hands-on exercises.  To learn more about the program, contact Carol Scott at 614-292-8357 or scott.30@osu.edu. 


Engineering Summer Academy


The Engineering Summer Academy is a three-week program at Ohio State for high school juniors (completed their junior year), allowing them to receive college credit.  During the program, the students will design documentation and standards using manual and CADD techniques.  They will receive an introduction to 3-dimensional orthographic and pictorial visualization and presentation.  The seventy-two hours of classroom and laboratory instruction will give the students credit for Engineering 166, equivalent to four quarter hours of undergraduate credit at Ohio State or for potential transfer credit at other institutions.  If you are interested in the program and would like to learn more, contact Carol Scott at 614-292-8357 or scott.30@osu.edu. 




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