Atle Gjelsvik

Survey Results

15 of 15 students responded

Instructor: Organization and Preparation3.53
Instructor: Classroom Delivery3.6
Instructor: Approachability3.33
Instructor: Overall Quality3.6
Course: Amount Learned3.4
Course: Appropriateness of Workload2.67
Course: Fairness of Grading Process3.67
Course: Quality of Text2.4
Course: Overall Quality3.53

Course Information

Prerequisite: Engr. Mech. E3113. Selected experiments to investigate material properties, strain gages, stress concentration, impact, brittle fracture, fatigue, creep, buckling, and torsion. Lectures on the underlying theories and applications. Usually taught by Professor Meyer: "This is a lab course, but also has to plug a lot of holes, i.e. provide a lot of material that my colleagues in the prerequisite courses had no time to cover. Also here, students are complaining that the 3 credits are not commensurate with the effort they have to put into writing 8 lab reports. We are planning to introduce a new course on civil engineering materials that hopefully will take some of the pressure off this course as well."

Department: Civil Engineering and Engineering Mechanics(CEEM)

Subject: Engineering Mechanics(ENME)

School: Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science

Division: School of Engineering and Applied Science: Undergrad

Course ID: 3114