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I came to Columbia to help bridge the differences between industry and academia. It is not easy but it is worthwhile. There were theoretical applied physics majors and more practically-directed physics majors. At this level, there is not that much difference between applied physics and physics. The seminar gives the student an opportunity to present a topic to their peers. It lets them explain what is exciting about the subject they chose and fosters interaction and gets them talking with each other. My role is to help with the choice of the subject, to make recommendations as to the presentation, and to expand beyond what has been presented. I like teaching. My goal is to help students find their way, to find the area within physics that they get really excited about. Only if you are really excited about a subject will you do outstanding research.


I have joined Columbia University in the beginning of 1998 after having worked for 20 years in the Research Area of Bell Labs. My area of expertise is in condensed matter physics with an emphasis on semiconductors. In particular, I am interested in the physics of lower dimensional systems, such as two dimensional, one dimensional and zero dimensional systems. In these structures, electrons are quantum-mechanically bound to a plane, a line or to a small dot. At very low temperatures of about 1K and below, these quantum structures exhibit bizarre new properties.


1977 PhD University of Stuttgart, Germany; Diplima 1974; BS Goethe-Universitat, Germany

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