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I hope students retain from my classes a knowledge of lasting principles (as opposed to recipies and latest fads), which should be of value even if technology changes. Also, intuition; without it, it is very difficult to approach todays very complex systems. I expect my students to pay attention to principles, to resist applying recipies blindly (a task at which the computer is better than us), to try to develop their intuition, and to ask questions.


Prof, Tsividis has been at Columbia for 17 years. Yannis P. Tsividis has been working on merging of precision analog and digital circuits on a single chip ever since he joined Columbia in 1976. He is the recipient of the 1984 IEEE W.R.G. Baker Best Paper Award and the 1986 European Solid-State Circuits Conference Best Paper Award, and co-recipient of the 1987 IEEE Circuits and Systems Society Darlington Best Paper Award. He is a Fellow of the IEEE. He has received the Great Teacher Award from the Columbia Alumni Association. The research work in our group has been focused on the merging of analog and digital circuits on the same chip - in this way, direct interfacing of the computer to the physical (analog) world becomes possible. Analog circuit knowledge is also key to designing digital circuits, when speed limits are being pushed. These days, much of our work involves radio frequncy circuits for wireless, and very low power dissipation circuits for signal processing.


B.E., Minnesota, 1972; Ms., Ph.D., California (Berkeley), 1973, 1976

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