Jose Sanchez

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Students should be able to apply the techniques learned in both courses to visualize ideas related to their field of study that can be represented with 3D virtual environments or with video sequences. Since I completed my post-professional degree in Advanced Architectural Design at Columbia University, I have been practicing architectural design and high-end computer visualization. With students from the Advanced Modeling and Animation course, I have been doing research in new applications and techniques for 3D visualizations in areas such as medical surgery and virtual architecture and set design for film. Recently we have embarked in the task of reproducing some of Davinci's inventions. These machines will be modeled, animated, and rendered on our high end facilities at the Gateway Lab.


I've been affiliated to Columbia University since 1995 when I entered the Advanced Architectural Design program at the Graduate School of Planning and Preservation. After I received my post-professional degree at Columbia I started co-teaching in the Advanced Architectural Design program in the studio of Jesse Reisser and Nanako Umemoto in Summer 1996. During the same Summer I was asked to teach my first course at the School of Civil Engineering and Applied Science - Engineering Graphics E1115. Since then I've been teaching two courses at the Gateway Lab for the Civil Engineering School and co-teaching Advanced Design Studio for the Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation.


B.S., PUCMM (Dominican Republic), 1991; M.S., Columbia University, 1996

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