Sanjay Agrawal

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"I hope student will be able to understand basic underlying principles. Specific problem solutions are not that important. I expect students to ask lot of questions and not be shy. I expect them to come prepared and be on time. If they are working in a group, please do not rely on other persons work. Do your fair share. It would increase class learning if students come prepared. Think yourself as a customer and try to get as much as possible from the professor. Since my labs and classes are very hands on and involve lot of projects, so be prepared to work in a group. My interests are in the area of energy management and conservation and fire modeling."


Professor Agrawal has been part of Columbia faculty for two and half years. He is a member of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers The Combustion Institute Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, Pi Tau Sigma. His interest in Experimental and theoretical work in general combustion areas, fire, soot and Nox modeling, composites, chemically reacting flow systems, heat and mass transfer problems, numerical modeling and energy conservation and management.


M.S. Applied Mathematics, Michigan State University, 1991. Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, 1992.

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