Perwez Shahabuddin

Courses Taught


The courses I teach most often are the simulation courses. At the end of the course, the student will be able to build mathematical (stochastic) models of real world systems (e.g, a bank, a post office, stock prices), simulate the stochastic model to evaluate its performance, and then translate the findings into insights for the real world system. This may be used, for example, to improve the performance of the real world system. I expect the students to thoroughly understand just a few basic principles, think deeply about how they are interconnected, and then learn to apply them to any problem at hand. This is in contrast just cramming in new information and facts. In the end they should have the whole picture


Professor Shahabuddin's research interests are Modeling stochastic systems; Discrete event simulation; Fast simulation techniques; Reliability and performance: evaluation and optimization; Applications to computer, communications and financial systems.


B. Tech., Indian Institute of Technology(India), 1984; M.S., Stanford, 1987; Ph.D, Stanford 1990.

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CUNIX ID: ps147