Andrew Campbell

Survey Results

48 of 52 students responded

Instructor: Organization and Preparation4.1
Instructor: Classroom Delivery4.02
Instructor: Approachability4.44
Instructor: Overall Quality4.27
Course: Amount Learned4.19
Course: Appropriateness of Workload2.9
Course: Fairness of Grading Process4.04
Course: Quality of Text3.92
Course: Overall Quality4.1

Course Information

Prerequisite: knowledge of computer programming. Corequisite: E.E. E3910 or Comp. Sci. W3843, or the equivalent. Fee: $25, payable at the first meeting. Microprocessor architecture. Assembly and machine languages. I/O and interfacing. Weekly laboratory sessions and term project on design of a microprocessor-based system.

Department: Electrical Engineering(ELEN)

Subject: Electrical Engineering(ELEN)

School: Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science

Division: School of Engineering and Applied Science: Undergrad

Course ID: 3940